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argoVirtual ROPS and FOPS testing on agricultural tractors according to OECD Standard Code 4 and 10

The main goal of the Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) is to provide protection to the operator in case of roll-over accident and falling objects. Such passive safety features are commonly found in agricultural and forestry tractors and are conceived to protect the operator from a serious injury or even death in case of an unexpected accident.

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itacaeFE modeling of a composite sandwich laminate with LS-DYNA for Aerospace applications

Laminated composite materials such as sandwich structures are widely used in the transportation industry due to their high stiffness and strength to weight ratio. Significant efforts have been made in improving the structural theories and prediction methods to give engineers a reliable tool to develop new structural concepts (i.e. vehicle front and rear end components, automotive and aeronautical seats).

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aviospaceDevelopment of space debris capture systems through CAE simulations

Active removal of large space debris, such as upper stages of elderly launch vehicles or decommissioned satellites, constitutes a technological challenge which is so far well-known and recognized by all the main players of space business, both at institutional and at industrial level, as a required step to achieve significant progress towards a safer and cleaner space environment.

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prometechDamage Estimation of Vehicle through Tsunami Simulation using Particleworks and LS-DYNA

In recent years, various particle methods have been developed as numerical simulation techniques and used in product design and development. The particle method provides some advantages which can be summarized as follows: (1) Complex spatial mesh generation is not necessary. (2) Special treatment to track free surface motion is not necessary. (3) No mesh distortion in the case of large deformation.

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