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ansaldoA 3D FEM approach to evaluate the flux density and the eddy current induced on the turbogenerators frame walls and clamping bolts in order to analyze local overheating phenomena

The flux density induced on the turbogenerator frame walls is a topic of particular interest for turbogenerator manufacturers, as it produces significant hot spots on frame components, with particular overheating phenomena in proximity of the clamping bolts.

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iter2Magnetostatic Analysis on ITER Test Blanket Modules

ITER (acronym of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering project, which is building the world’s largest experimental Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor in the south of France. The ITER project aims to make the long-awaited transition from experimental studies of plasma physics to full-scale electricity-producing fusion power plants.

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asenDevelopment of a virtual calculation environment for multiphysics design & FEM analysis of large generators

In general, investigations using FEM software provide some benefits such as: accuracy and reliability of the calculation results; support from the software developers for solving complex and problematic FEM models and for getting custom macros ready.

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antennapisa The Fundamental Role of Simulation-Based Approach in New High Technology Product Development

Selex-ES is a company distinguished by its high-technology methods and products. To be successful in this leading-edge environment, Selex-ES must carefully define its optimal design strategy, making best use of the available tools and approaches.

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