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casappaHow to optimize an external gear pump in highly constrained conditions

Today, any kind of hydraulic subsystem has to guarantee high performances and reliability in order to meet customer expectation while minimizing the price and time-to-market of each product. In this context, external gear pumps are simple machines that play a primary role thanks to their incomparable mix of features: extremely low-cost and simple production but with high performance and reliability at the same time.

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comauOptimization of an automotive manufacturing system design taking into account regional requirements

COMAU Spa, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is a leading provider of advanced manufacturing systems: the company operates in 33 locations spread over 17 countries. The design of automotive manufacturing systems is a core competence of COMAU: who are the largest supplier of automotive assembly line systems in the world and its customers are all the major automotive OEMs.

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apriliaFluid Dynamics Optimization of Racing Engine Inlet Ducts at Aprilia Racing

Racing engines are experiencing continuous evolution, allowing them to achieve extraordinary levels of performance and complexity. However, at the same time, regulations are restricting engine development by constraining some of the main design parameters.

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luna rossaFaster than the wind: the optimization experience in the America’s Cup Challenge

The 34th edition of the America’s Cup was a breakthrough event in the world of sailing, with traditional mono hulls giving way to the AC72 class foiling catamarans equipped with foils and wing sails. Since then, sailing and engineering teams have been dealing with a new set of challenges ranging from boat handling, tactics and, it goes without saying, the design of these new vessels and their subsystems.

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Altri esempi di applicazioni nell'Ottimizzazione
point Propeller design by means of multiobjective optimization: CP propeller test case
point Diesel fuel efficiency takes shape with optimization
point Optimization of the propulsive capacities of the membrane of a solar sail
point Numerical Optimization of Polymer Die Design for Multiple Objectives
point Multi-Objective Optimization of Space Frame Structures with Application to Motorcycle Chassis
point Multi-Objective Optimization of XBA Sentinel Antenna
point Implementation of surrogate models to predict the morphology of membrane formation during solvent evaporation
point Structural optimization of the Benelli Progressive Comfort
point Multi-objective optimization on the timing system of a small 2-wheeler engine (SOHC): methodology and case study
point Structural optimization of a bridge beam section subjected to instability of equilibrium
point Investigation about the warm deep drawing of Mg alloys using Metamodels
point Topological Optimization procedure for civil steel frame design
point Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis for Selection of Eco-Friendly Materials According to Itaca Protocol for Zero Energy Buildings in the Mediterranean Climate
point Optimization of a low noise hydraulic piston pump
point Analysis and Optimization of a washing machine oscillating group
point modeFRONTIER helps Cummins improve Engine Performance
point Mass Reduction and Energy Absorption maximization of automotive bumper systems
point Structural Optimization of Metro Honolulu - Weight optimization under all operative load conditions
point A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure
point Passion for engines and a great push towards innovation
point Evaluation of Grinding Repair through modeFRONTIER RSM and ANSYS Mechanical
point Process oriented cooling optimization using modeFRONTIER
point Air Intake Manifold - Design and Optimization
point Mechanical Optimization of the injection system in a Compression Molding Machine
point Green light to high speed trains
point ECS System Simulation - Architecture and Performance Optimization from the Early Phases of the System Design
point Multidisciplinary optimization for a IEE 1902.1 "RuBee" tag integrated in a fiber-reinforced composite structure through the "RuBeeCOMP" Numerical Platform
point Optimization of a Boomerang shape using modeFRONTIER
point Genetic Algorithms in the Optimization of Cable Systems
point Multi-objective Optimization with modeFRONTIER Applied to Systems Biology
point Structural Optimization of a Car-body High Speed Train - An Innovative Analysis and Design Methodology
point Reducing Emissions of PCDD/F in Sintering Plant: Numerical and Experimental Analysis
point Ottimizzazione di ponti in curva in struttura composta acciaio-calcestruzzo
point Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Soil Parameter Identification As Applied to a Spread Footing Test
point Optimization Under Uncertainty of Wind Turbines
point Tyre set-up for commercial vehicle multi-body model: modeFRONTIER as a calibration tool
point Multi Variate Analysis in Systematic Impeller Design Applying modeFRONTIER at Sulzer Pumps
point Reliability Based Structural Optimization of an Aircraft Wing
point Combustion Noise Prediction in a Small Diesel Engine Finalized to the Optimization of the Fuel Injection Strategy
point Simple Optimization of Gradated Biomaterial Scaffolds made of Calcium Phospates
point Aerodynamic and Acoustic Optimization of Radial Fans
point Design for Improved Cost & Magnetic Efficiency
point Multi-Objective Optimization of a Ball Grid Array of a capacitive MEMS
point Optimization of a Spring Bearing for Gravitational Force Compensation
point Assessment of Optimization Algorithms for Winglet Design
point LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER for Material Model Calibration at Automobili Lamborghini
point 1D Simulation and Optimization of a Formula SAE four cylinders engine
point Robust Design Optimization of a Bumper System at Volvo Cars using modeFRONTIER
point Optimization of the clamping of glass onto a pyrolitic oven
point Multi-objective optimization of an aluminium automotive part using modeFRONTIER
point Optimization software drives Multi Body simulations in a Circuit Breaker design at ABB
point Solar Industry - Numerical Simulation and Optimization
point Aerodynamic optimization of the Volvo Polestar Olsberg Green Racing C30 using modeFRONTIER
point Unifying the Piaggio 125cc and 150cc engine intake systems by means of multi-objective optimization, coupling WAVE and modeFRONTIER
point Advanced strategies for the flow field optimization of a medical device
point Virtual Prototyping of Cycling Wear Pad Aimed at Performance Optimization
point Multi-Objective Optimization of Vehicle Handling & Comfort Performances with modeFRONTIER and MSC.ADAMS Car
point Mission vehicle - modeFRONTIER e la gestione di database: uno strumento di selezione del miglior rapporto al ponte nell'ottica del miglioramento delle prestazioni su veicoli industriali
point Multi-objective optimization for antenna design
point Engine Innovation - Engine Layout definition through modeFRONTIER/WAVE automatic optimization
point EnginSoft as innovation partner in the optimization study of the highest aluminium sailboat main mast for Perini Group
point Analisi di rischio e ottimizzazione nella progettazione di opere che interagiscono con il terreno adiacente
point Innovazione Presse - SACMI punta all'ottimizzazione automatica con modeFRONTIER
point Automatic Design Optimization at ICON using OpenFOAM and modeFRONTIER
point Gear noise reduction by numerical optimization of macro-geometrical and micro-geometrical design parameters
point Metodologia innovativa per la pianificazione, la progettazione e la gestione delle reti di acquedotti
point Optimization of a segment of the main mirror for the OWL Telescope
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