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argoVirtual ROPS and FOPS testing on agricultural tractors according to OECD Standard Code 4 and 10

The main goal of the Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) is to provide protection to the operator in case of roll-over accident and falling objects. Such passive safety features are commonly found in agricultural and forestry tractors and are conceived to protect the operator from a serious injury or even death in case of an unexpected accident.

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johndeereA Great Team, Numerical Simulation and Experimental Testing

Numerical simulations are increasingly used in most industries. So why do companies still spend so much money for experimental testing? I would like to give some explanations about the reasons of building expensive test equipment, which is much more expensive than software for numerical simulations, and how to utilize the different methods.

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mahindraMany companies united by a common purpose: to enable people to rise

Mahindra Racing is making a name for itself in the motorcycling world, also thanks to the ambitious technological challenge of investing in an important development centre in Italy. No doubt that the international profile of MotoGP™ contributes to strengthen the image of Mahindra on a worldwide level.

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lucchiniMulti-Objective Optimization of Space Frame Structures with Application to Motorcycle Chassis

A student from The University of Sheffield, UK presents a summary of his Final Year Project using modeFRONTIER Space frame structures can be described as a collection of connected nodes. Parametric optimization of such structures is relatively simple as each node has 3 position parameters which can be varied by the optimization routine.

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