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tosi Beyond the barrier of perfection

This article discusses the design optimization of an axial steam turbine (rated power of 160 MW), focusing on maximizing the total-to-total isentropic efficiency of the last three low pressure stages. The turbine, which is designed and produced by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA, was optimized in collaboration with EnginSoft, by using a modeFRONTIER work flow to explore different designs and completely manage the fluid dynamics simulations.

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trapped Trapped-vortex approach for syngas combustion in gas turbines

The so-called trapped vortex technology can potentially offer several advantages for gas turbine burners. In the systems experimented with so far, this technology is mainly limited to the pilot part of the whole burner.

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uniferraraNumerical Analysis of a Micro Gas Turbine Combustor Fed by Liquid Fuel

This work presents a CFD analysis of the combustion chamber of a 50 kWel nominal power micro gas turbine. The purpose of the analysis is to investigate the combustion process and performance of the combustion chamber fed by liquid fuels, through 3D numerical simulations performed with ANSYS CFX 13.0.

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sulzerMulti Variate Analysis in Systematic Impeller Design Applying modeFRONTIER at Sulzer Pumps

The most important pump component - its heart - is the impeller which transforms kinetic energy into pressure and therefore generates the required head. The impeller geometry is defined by more than 50 parameters requiring experienced hydraulic design engineers.

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