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aviospaceAviospace: The Italian Aerospace & Defense Company interview with Eng. Gambacciani

Aviospace is an Italian company founded in 2004, active in the Aerospace & Defense industrial sector. The company headquarters is in the centre of Turin and employs about twenty people: most of them are qualified and skilled engineers, who work on the development of Aerospace Systems, from the conceptual phases, research and development, to the prototypes and flight parts, in partnership with major international agencies.

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icingWind energy in cold climates

Annual energy losses, ice detection, de-icing and anti-icing of wind turbines are becoming relevant topics for wind farms operators and for turbine manufactures as installation of wind turbines grows in cold climates.

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melissa Greenhouse Module for Space System

To increase the possibilities for humans to explore space, the development of bio-regenerative life support systems is essential: these systems must fulfil all human needs to sustain a sufficient living condition. In this contest, a greenhouse module is the fundamental part of every concept for a stable and independent base in future space missions.

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avioaeroOptimization techniques applied to the design of gas turbine blades cooling systems

The multi-objective optimization techniques were applied to a three-dimensional CFD model for the design of the cooling system of a gas turbine blade tip. A parametric CFD model of a high pressure rotor blade was developed in order to study the cooling efficiency in the tip area.

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Altri esempi di applicazioni nel settore Aerospace
point CFD aerodynamic study of the innovative PERM injection system and MOGA optimization of air distribution layout for the AVIO Combustor in the frame of the NEWAC Project
point Optimization of the propulsive capacities of the membrane of a solar sail
point FE modeling of a composite sandwich laminate with LS-DYNA for Aerospace applications
point Multi-Objective Optimization of XBA Sentinel Antenna
point Topological Optimization methods for aerospace applications, weight reduction of a RTM Composite RIB
point Computational Fluid Dynamics prevents engine damage in Ice Crystals conditions
point Topological Optimization methods for aerospace applications, weight reduction of a RTM Composite RIB
point Ice Accretion Simulation on wings
point Development of space debris capture systems through CAE simulations
point Simulation of icing and de-icing, using Computational Fluid Dynamics
point A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure
point Martian Terrain Traversability Assessment from Orbital Images
point Splashing regime in three-dimensional simulations of oblique drop impact on liquid films
point A CAE based procedure to predict the low velocity impact response of a composite CAI specimen
point A Multi-Physics Approach to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Aero Engines
point ECS System Simulation - Architecture and Performance Optimization from the Early Phases of the System Design
point Synergy between LS-DYNA and modeFRONTIER to predict low velocity impact damage on a composite plate
point Reliability Based Structural optimization of an Aircraft Wing
point Assessment of Optimization Algorithms for Winglet Design
point Motori Aeronautici: riduzione delle emissioni e dei consumi attraverso lo studio delle simulazioni di processo
point Piastra Raffredata da Microfori: Funzionamento e Tracciamento di Particelle
point Innovative PERM injection system design within the NEWAC EC Project
CFD aerodynamic study and MOGA optimization of the air distribution layout for a medium pressure Combustor
point Optimization of Gas Turbine Blades
point Optimization of a segment of the main mirror for the OWL Telescope
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