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damEvaluation of dam performance under seismic loads with DCR time history procedure: Case study of GERD main dam design

This article presents systematic and rational application of the DCR/CID methodology to estimate the behavior of concrete structures under seismic loads, using time-history analysis. This rational approach, proposed by USACE EM 1110-2-6051, can be used to evaluate the safety of new or existing structures and moreover to optimize the construction costs during the design phase.

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benimpactIntegrated Life Cycle Design for Buildings: Invest in Simulation to Increase Comfort and Environmental Sustainability at a Reasonable Cost

With the evolution of both technological and cultural aspects on sustainability, the building industry is facing the need to reconcile energy savings and environmental and economic sustainability during both construction and operation phases. The more comprehensive theme of “life cycle sustainability” involves all members in the production.

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unisalentoStructural optimization of a bridge beam section subjected to instability of equilibrium

It is well known that in the design of thin-walled structures, extreme attention must be made to the instability of equilibrium problem. This phenomenon involves a performance characteristics loss of the element in which it is manifested, almost instantaneous. If the is a single structural element it can be called local instability”.

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       unisaTopological Optimization procedure for civil steel frame design

In the Civil Engineering industry, design optimization of structural components is often obtained through methods applied on already existing solutions. These methods are based on a “library” approach which allows the selection of materials and dimensions, overlooking where they are located.

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