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caTopological Optimization methods for aerospace applications, weight reduction of a RTM Composite RIB

The evolution of the Computer Aided Optimization methods are frequently used in all product/process development phases. Some innovative optimization techniques, based on a topological approach, allow design improvement not only on the last phase for the choice of the best configuration, but also in the preliminary phases, sometimes providing significant and determining information for the structural performances optimization.

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compositi Optimised Workflows for Composite Design

Improving the efficiency of complex material design and optimization, increasing the performance of composite parts and tuning the final property profile
Advances in simulation tools provide engineers and material scientists the opportunity to streamline the computational design of complex composite materials and parts.

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dyna Calibration and experimental validation of LS-DYNA composite material models by multi objective optimization techniques

Una nuova procedura basata sulla prototipazione virtuale cerca di beneficiare della previsione numerica e di test sperimentali per creare un modello di calibrazione in grado di riprodurre il comportamento all'impatto di materiali compositi reali e simulare la resistenza all'urto.

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ansys ANSYS simulation of carbon fiber and anisotropic materials

The scope of this R&D is to develop a new support, with an integrated cooling system, for the replacement of the inner layer of the Silicon Pixel Detector installed into the ATLAS Experiment, working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This replacement will become necessary because of the radiation damage, with the detector being very close, about 50 mm, to the high-energy proton-proton interaction point.

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