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iteSimulation Helps European Nuclear Safeguards Activities

The increasing world energy demand pushes towards the search of sources alternative to coal and gas. The continuous increase of uranium production and demand (Figure 1) indicates that nuclear power is seen as a valuable source. Indeed, China, India, South Korea and Russia remain committed to it even after the Fukushima accident and the global uranium demand forecast indicates a long-term growth.

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cfdiceComputational Fluid Dynamics prevents engine damage in Ice Crystals conditions

In the last 10 years, a particular icing phenomenon has caused more than 100 aviation incidents at cruise in high altitudes. Such incidents involved aircraft engines that suffered from either a loss of power, combustor flameouts, complete failure due to compressor surge/stall, blade damage or excessive vibrations. These failures are thought to have been caused by Ice Crystals ingestion.

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fcaNew 1D simulation developments to meet current and next car generation engine cooling challenges

Current car generation offers increased comfort and capabilities, but customer expectations about fuel economy and environmental concerns drive automotive industry to improve over and over. During the last decade thermal engineers have been focusing their attention on engine cooling systems, introducing new parts, new functions and devoting more resources to proving ground or real world validation sessions.

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stxFlowmaster used for thermo-hydraulic flow simulations in STX France ship networks

During the design phase of the ship, the engineering software Flowmaster is used to simulate many thermo-hydraulic flow networks. It enables the engineer to compute all the thermo-hydraulic properties of a steady state system and represent the nominal behavior of the system. It is also possible to follow all the thermo-hydraulic quantities during transient scenarios.

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