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emakCFD analysis of an industrial burner for a regeneration gas heater application

Burners are widely used to satisfy the request of thermal energy in many industries. The design of a burner and the related heat transfer equipment must fulfill severe safety requirements, in order to avoid issues during the operation stage. One of the risk is that the flame can impinge onto tubes or other part of the equipment, with consequent safety issues.

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rexrothReliable hydraulic direct drives for improved performance

This article present the study of a radial piston hydraulic motor using a mesh-less CFD methodology called Moving Particle Simulation and available in the Particleworks software. Torque and losses prediction, calculation of oil residence time and understanding the flow path are key factors during the development phases of the motor. The geometrical complexity and the moving parts of the system are easily handled by the mesh-less CFD methodology.

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marelli motoriCost Effective High Performance Design: Innovation is the Answer

Marelli Motori is one of the world’s leading generator and electric motor manufacturers. The company was founded in 1891 and enjoys worldwide brand recognition thanks to its extended sales, distribution and service networks across four continents. With two manufacturing facilities in Italy and Malaysia Marelli Motori sells these technologically advanced products in more than 120 countries.

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whirlpoolInvestigation of vacuum cleaner performance through vacuum head modifications

Whirlpool Corporation is the number 1 major appliance manufacturer in the world; in 2015 70 million products were sold in more than 170 countries, with 97.000 employees in 70 manufacturing and R&D centers, investing $1 billion in capital and R&D centers annually.

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vorticeA History of Vortices

Vortex generation in pumping stations must be prevented or limited to superficial and low intensity vortices, because deep and intense ones can severely damage the pumps or / and affect their performance (flow, head & efficiency) due to non uniform velocity distribution at the pump impeller inlet and their air content. This kind of dangerous vortices might appear in some operational conditions related for example to low water levels or high rotational speeds and high flow rate values.

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politobioNautilus tech by Faber Spa: The new frontier for hoods ventilation

For fifty years Faber Spa has designed and manufactured hoods, holding a key global position in production and technology. Research and development has played a central role in achieving this objective and has recently been strengthened through the implementation of FEM tools; in particular the ANSYS software platform.

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Altri esempi di applicazioni nella Fluidodinamica 3D
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point Second Hydro Power Plant Turkey is taking off
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point Extreme Ensemble under Uncertainty
point Trapped-vortex approach for syngas combustion in gas turbines
point Analysis of the Sloshing of a Large Tank with Fukushima Daiichi Seismic Excitations
point Numerical Analysis of a Micro Gas Turbine Combustor Fed by Liquid Fuel
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point MELiSSA PROJECT: Plant Growing Environment Characterization
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point Reliability Evaluations of an Innovative Oil Pump under Crankshaft Torsional Vibrations
point Aerodynamic and Acoustic Optimization of Radial Fans
point Simulazione CFD di un filtro di profondità per trasfusioni
point Transient CFD Analysis of a Pelton Turbine
point Multi-phase CFD study of a reciprocating gas compressor with liquid slug ingestion
point Modeling of condensate formation and disposal inside an automotive headlamp
point Piastra Raffredata da Microfori: Funzionamento e Tracciamento di Particelle
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CFD aerodynamic study and MOGA optimization of the air distribution layout for a medium pressure Combustor
point Interazione Fluido-Struttura: applicazione al processo di riempimento Tetra Pak
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point Analisi CFD a supporto della progettazione di un'automobile che rispetti l'ambiente
point IMMERGAS rinnova la propria gamma con l'ausilio di analisi CFD
point CFD HVAC (Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning) simulations in AnsaldoBreda
point Optimization Techniques Applied to the Design of Gas Turbine Blades Cooling System
point Riprogettazione della ventola di raffreddamento motore del DAILY IVECO
point Analisi Comfort Termico Abitacolo Vettura - CRF
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