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vinservice Interview with Diego Barone, R&D Project Leader in Vin Service

Vin Service was founded in 1976 from oenologist Riccardo Guadalupi and Daniela Gennaro Guadalupi, based on the revolutionary idea of supplying quality wine, in large quantities and fast… on tap.

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maschio gaspardoImproving the development of farming equipment using CAE technologies

Maschio Gaspardo SpA is a leading company in the agricultural equipment market, deploying one of the widest varieties of farming implements worldwide. The production focuses on equipment for soil preparation, seeding, haymaking and crop protection.

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cimolaiCimolai Technology chooses ANSYS

Cimolai Technology Spa is located in Carmignano di Brenta - a few kilometers from Venice - in modern premises with a total area of 53’000 square meters. In 2004, the Cimolai family, who founded and ran the Cimolai group - a world leader in steel construction - for nearly 60 years, decided to invest in new production fields.

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piaggioNumerical simulations for the structural performance assessments: a connecting rod’s case study

The Piaggio Group is the largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles and one of the world leaders in its sector. The Group is also a major international player in the three-and four-wheel light transport sector.

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utecoHigh Quality Printing with CFD

Uteco Converting S.p.A. is the world leader in the production of printing machines designed for the most diverse flexible packaging applications. Uteco offers innovative solutions through its broad range of flexographic and rotogravure printing machines, laminating machines and high-tech machines with special configurations, while constantly focusing on research and innovation.

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saipemDynamic response of a buried pipeline, under the action of the fall of rocks on the soil

The construction of an oil pipeline or a gas pipeline over a long distance is an activity that requires a complex design. The several environments it may cross can be characterized by different geohazards to which the pipeline is subject. Among geological Hazards, rock fall is one of the most dangerous to be analyzed during onshore pipeline design.

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Altri esempi di applicazioni nella Meccanica Strutturale
point Durability and Buckling Analysis of Storage Tanks
point MICAD, engineering aimed at the sea’s jewels
point Structural analysis of an implantable cardiac device - Heart Damper - for the treatment of advanced heart failure inside a 3D finite element model of the ventricle
point New Methodology: Intercooler Integration Space & Efficiency Optimization
point Structural analysis for an hoisting machine for lifts
point South Stream Project De Pretto Industrie & EnginSoft: the joined design of the Flute System to be installed under the S7000 JL-Tower
point Seismic analysis of actuator for Ball Valves
point The importance of quick responses and mechanical reliability: Structural analysis of a Spherical Valve
point Productivity and accuracy in piping modelling with the ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
point Structural analysis of Microchannel Condenser Heat Exchangers using Finite Element Techniques
point Custom prosthesis optimization with ANSYS Mechanical
point Vibration analysis and chassis damping design on VT 6000 OF packaging machine
point ESAComp meets challenging marine applications
point Simulation of Quasi-Static Impact Response of Flat Marine Grade Foam-Filled Composite Sandwich Hull Panels
point ANSYS Mechanical customization through ACT extensions
point Design of the Roller Coaster LOOP 395
point Numerical FE Simulation Applied to Design of Floating Roof for Oil Storage
point FEM Analysis of Ship to Fixed Offshore Platform Collision
point EnginSoft and Brembana&Rolle: key partner for the design of a steam super heat exchanger
point CO2 Stripping Column Effluent System Application employing Saipem mechanical innovative Technology
point Improvement on ballscrew design: load distribution on balls and influence on dynamic analyses
point FEM Approach in Vertical Packaging Machines
point Electro-mechanical analysis of ITER reactor components
point Electromagnetic Interference between High Voltage Lines and Pipelines: an Advanced FEM Approach
point Vin Service and EnginSoft Partners for Innovation in Beverage Dispensing Equipments
point Second Hydro Power Plant Turkey is taking off
point Dynamic analysis of a Variable Displacement Oil Pump shaft under crankshaft torsional vibrations and internal pressure evaluated via CFD
point Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures and Inspection Planning
point EnginSoft e Brembana Costruzioni Industriali, partner per la progettazione concettuale di un criostato modulare per LBNE liquid argon TPC
point Optimization of Process Parameters for Aluminium Longitudinal Friction Stir Welded Joints
point FSO and Shuttle Tanker in Tandem Configuration Hydrodynamic Analysis Finalized to the Structural Verification of the FSO Mooring System
point Energia dalle biomasse: Impianti ad alta efficienza e minore manutenzione grazie alla simulazione
point ANSYS WB and a review of the design metrics in Piaggio: the case of the motor shaft
point Reliability Evaluations of an Innovative Oil Pump under Crankshaft Torsional Vibrations
point Analisi strutturale di uno scarpone da sci alpinismo e ottimizzazione del rapporto peso-prestazioni
point Optimization of the clamping of glass into a pyrolitic oven
point Multi-Goal Optimization and Robust Design of a Carry-Mould
point Structural dynamic response of a track chain complete undercarriage system using a virtual proving ground approach
point Analisi tensionali di un supporto di un generatore da neve TechnoAlpin
point ANSYS come partner di innovazione nello studio di ottimizzazione dell'albero maestro di una barca a vela del gruppo Perini
point Il fascino del Roller Coaster - Ride Tek ed EnginSoft insieme per emozionare
point No shivers while developing the Shiver
point Structural Non-linear Analysis of Steel/ Aluminium Cover for Hydraulic Actuated Gearbox in ANSYS Structural Environment
point Gear noise reduction by numerical optimization of macro-geometrical and micro-geometrical design parameters
point Ponte di Scavalco dell'Autostrada A1 e dell'Alta Velocita' a Reggio Emilia
point modeFRONTIER nella progettazione della galleria di base del Brennero
point Structural Design of the Olympic Torch Turin 2006
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