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gepowerA History of Vortices

Vortex generation in pumping stations must be prevented or limited to superficial and low intensity vortices, because deep and intense ones can severely damage the pumps or / and affect their performance (flow, head & efficiency) due to non uniform velocity distribution at the pump impeller inlet and their air content. This kind of dangerous vortices might appear in some operational conditions related for example to low water levels or high rotational speeds and high flow rate values.

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ansaldoThe use of virtual prototyping tools in the design of Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

Ansaldo Nucleare is a company fully owned by Ansaldo Energia. The Company has the complete responsibility for the nuclear business and well established in the new international markets. In Italy, Ansaldo Nucleare is recognized as the main industrial company in the nuclear sector.

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teknokonDurability and Buckling Analysis of Storage Tanksù

Teknokon Group is a multi-disciplinary organization headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Its holding, Teknokon Machinery, founded in 1993, is an engineering and manufacturing company with wide international experience.

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ansaldoA 3D FEM approach to evaluate the flux density and the eddy current induced on the turbogenerators frame walls and clamping bolts in order to analyze local overheating phenomena

The flux density induced on the turbogenerator frame walls is a topic of particular interest for turbogenerator manufacturers, as it produces significant hot spots on frame components, with particular overheating phenomena in proximity of the clamping bolts.

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