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emakCFD analysis of an industrial burner for a regeneration gas heater application

Burners are widely used to satisfy the request of thermal energy in many industries. The design of a burner and the related heat transfer equipment must fulfill severe safety requirements, in order to avoid issues during the operation stage. One of the risk is that the flame can impinge onto tubes or other part of the equipment, with consequent safety issues.

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emakMaplesoft + ANSYS: the best solution to the chainsaw kickback problem

Emak Technologies is a renowned Italian company for professionals and hobbyists in lawn and garden maintenance. Emak was established in 1992, from the merger of two major companies specializing in the production of gardening and forestry machines: Oleo-Mac and Efco, both of which had been active since the ‘70s in Northern Italy’s burgeoning enterprise sector.

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casappaHow to optimize an external gear pump in highly constrained conditions

Today, any kind of hydraulic subsystem has to guarantee high performances and reliability in order to meet customer expectation while minimizing the price and time-to-market of each product. In this context, external gear pumps are simple machines that play a primary role thanks to their incomparable mix of features: extremely low-cost and simple production but with high performance and reliability at the same time.

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cimolaiCimolai Technology chooses ANSYS

Cimolai Technology Spa is located in Carmignano di Brenta - a few kilometers from Venice - in modern premises with a total area of 53’000 square meters. In 2004, the Cimolai family, who founded and ran the Cimolai group - a world leader in steel construction - for nearly 60 years, decided to invest in new production fields. The key idea was to create a new production based on the solid foundation of the Cimolai group, the versatility of a young group of engineers with proven experience in specialized transport and lifting systems.

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Altri esempi di applicazioni nel settore Macchine
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point Studio di fattibilità produttiva attraverso simulazione numerica di processo di forgiatura
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point Multi-Goal Optimization and Robust design of a carry-mould
point Innovazione Presse - SACMI punta all'ottimizzazione automatica con modeFRONTIER
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