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saipemDynamic response of a buried pipeline, under the action of the fall of rocks on the soil

The construction of an oil pipeline or a gas pipeline over a long distance is an activity that requires a complex design. The several environments it may cross can be characterized by different geohazards to which the pipeline is subject. Among geological Hazards, rock fall is one of the most dangerous to be analyzed during onshore pipeline design.

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deprettoSouth Stream Project De Pretto Industrie & EnginSoft: the joined design of the Flute System to be installed under the S7000 JL-Tower

The South Stream Pipeline under the Black Sea had to be the offshore component of the South Stream Pipeline System. The 931 km-long South Stream Offshore Pipeline was to connect the world’s largest natural gas reserves in Russia with consumers in the European Union.

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cameronSeismic analysis of actuator for Ball Valves

In recent years the equipment for oil & gas industry has extent more and more the range of operating conditions and the requested performances in terms of resistance respect to operational and accidental loads have been significantly increased. In the technical specifications provided by plants purchaser for large oil & gas project, for instance, the operability of mechanical components under severe exceptional conditions is considered as mandatory for safety reasons.

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andritzThe importance of quick responses and mechanical reliability: Structural analysis of a Spherical Valve

ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services (“water to wire“) for hydropower plants and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation. Today ANDRITZ HYDRO is the legal successor of many former pioneers and leading companies in the hydropower sector. In fact, ANDRITZ HYDRO S.r.l.

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