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New features - and updates

RecurDyn V8 R5 released!

The new version of RecurDyn is available for customers.
It includes important updates to speed up modeling and to extend the capabilities of the software.

Here is a short list of what's new.

  • G-Modeling function for Multi-Flexible-Body Dynamics (MFBD).
    This revolutionary technology increases efficiency and productivity, by automating the conversion of bodies from rigid to flexible or from flexible to rigid.
    This allows the user to convert a body from one type to another while preserving joints, force elements and contact elements on the body itself. G-Modeling invokes the built-in mesher and eigensolver to convert rigid bodies to flexible bodies, and it can convert back a mesh or modal body into a rigid body as well.
    This unlimited freedom, gives the user the power of testing the same system from different perspectives, without time loss and minimizing the risk of set up errors.
  • FE Merge function to create the FFlex bodies with multiple materials.
    This is really useful, since there is no longer need to create and connect different material bodies.
  • More than 100 improvements of the Graphical User Interface.
    A better interface speeds up the modeling and returns new possibilities in post-processing.
  • Great improvements in contact definition: contact set-up time further decreases.
    Both 2D and 3D Contacts automatically set the contact area.
    New primitive contacts are available for more accurate analysis
  • RFlex Contact pressure and Modal Pressure Load are now possible.
  • Improved Post Processor for RecurDyn-Particleworks co-simulation.
  • New Expression functions for MTT2D entities.
  • Automated creation of PEdge guides.

The development never stops and any new release increases the benefits of the RecurDyn experience!


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RecurDyn V8 R5 released!


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