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Trento, 4 Aprile 2012

Collaboration between EnginSoft and FDB on computer assisted engineering (CAE) software sales and consultancy for the oil & gas industries in Norway

EnginSoft signed a collaboration agreement with FDB on computer assisted engineering (CAE) software sales and consultancy for the oil&gas industries in Norway.

FDB is a technology development and consultancy company specializing in fluids engineering and heat transfer within the energy businesses. FDB has a track record of delivering high quality consultancy services for Norwegian businesses within the oil & gas sector using computational-fluid-dynamics. www.fdb.no

EnginSoft and FDB already represent Flowmaster.

EnginSoft and FDB agree that by combining efforts both can benefit, e.g.: EnginSoft will have a Norwegian partner through which they can approach the Norwegian oil and gas industry. FDB will have a larger partner that allows FDB to offer services and participate in multi-discipline engineering projects. Eventually the goal of the collaboration is to formalize the partnership for FDB to participate in EnginSoft’s network of engineering companies.

Through this agreement FDB will start to represent EnginSoft’s CAE interests within the oil and gas businesses in Norway. EnginSoft and FDB will make a joint marketing approach, and if commercial contracts for CAE sales and/or consultancies are made based on this effort EnginSoft and FDB will participate on terms as if FDB was a formal part of EnginSoft’s network of engineering companies. FDB will receive necessary training on software being applied by or for Norwegian clients, and subsequently act as a first-line support for Norwegian clients.   



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