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Giugno 2013

The PSE Competency Tracker: a Competency Management system for the CAE industry

Few will contend that Computer Aided Engineering is a “competency intensive” business. In fact it requires deep technical competencies at various levels: theoretical, applied, industry specific and software specific.
While competencies are not the only ingredient in the perfect company recipe, individual performance will suffer if the right competencies are not available, lowering organizational efficiency and increasing projects’ risk.
But how can we define competencies? How can we help engineers identify and develop the needed CAE competencies in an efficient way?

Traditionally, the construction and evaluation of competencies has been carried out in a curricular way, that is, using formal training, personal achievements and working experiences as building blocks. Furthermore, once the employee is hired, companies often focus on managing his/her career rather than developing his/her competencies.
Even when a competency management system is in place, it is often populated with high level and not directly actionable competencies, with the result to effectively enforce the consistency of the human resource management process with little traction on the true organizational technical levels.
In order to provide to companies and engineers involved in CAE the full benefits of a sound competency management, EnginSoft and NAFEMS, the international association for the engineering modelling, analysis and simulation community, partnered to develop the Professional Simulation Engineer – PSE Competency Tracker.

The PSE Competency Tracker is a competency management system dedicated specifically to the Analysis & Simulation industry: it provides access to the comprehensive PSE Competencies, a database of over 1500 technical competencies and linked suitable educational resources, detailed, directly actionable, specific to the Computer Aided Engineering business. The PSE Competencies are subdivided into 26 technical areas and have been peer-reviewed over a number of years by NAFEMS Technical Working Groups and external experts.

The PSE Competency Tracker is designed to foster and track employees competency development and to act as a key enabler for companies that want to recruit suitably competent personnel, assess existing employees’ competencies, define clear employee development paths, and manage the loss of skilled personnel due to retirement or resignation.

Highly customizable on request, the PSE Competency Tracker is now available either online (Software As A Service) or offline (customized version).

Giovanni Borzi, MSE, PMP®, EnginSoft

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