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Revolutionary simulation software for the musculo-skeletal system analysis

Prodotto da AnyBody Technology A/S
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AnyBody is a software system for modeling the mechanics of the human body. It can model smaller or larger subsets of the musculo-skeletal system (or the entire body) and compute muscle forces, joint reactions, metabolism, elastic energy in tendons, mechanical work, efficiency, etc. for given movements. Any property of the AnyBody model is parametric, and the system can be used for optimization of movement patterns, working positions, anthropometric data, boundary conditions etc. The AnyBody Modeling System revolutionizes biomechanics and ergonomics because it adds an analytical and quantitative dimension to a field that is traditionally experimental and qualitative.

Technical Description

The AnyBody Modeling System is a software system for simulation of human movement. In AnyBody, you construct models in the body modeling language AnyScriptTM. Models consist of segments (bones), which are considered rigid, joints between the segments and muscle-tendon units, with physiological properties. AnyBody creates the movement and you can add external forces to the model. The system computes the variation of individual muscle and joint forces through the movement.

From that information, properties such as tendon elastic energy, metabolism, muscle activation and antagonistic muscle actions are derived by the system. AnyBody models not just the body, but also the object it interfaces to, so you can investigate in detail the ergonomic consequences of design parameters. Since models in AnyBody are parametric, it is easy to change the variables affecting the system, such as the strength of a muscle, the length of a segment, the direction of an exterior force, etc. The system can optimize the model and automatically find the combination of parameters that best fulfills a given purpose.

Application Fields
AnyBody can be used to investigate a number of fundamental questions as well as to solve practical problems of ergonomics. Use it for:

  • Biomechanical research
  • Ergonomic design
  • Computer-assisted surgery
  • Planning of physiotherapy
  • Sports and fitness
  • Design of rehabilitation technology

Egress Wheelchair Strength training
and rehabilitation
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Pedal design Pushing Bicycling
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