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Large Scale Structural Optimization with ANSYS Workbench

Prodotto da Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc.
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Descrizione GSAM (GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical) is an integrated extension that adds large scale structural optimization capabilities to the ANSYS environment. GSAM can perform topology optimization as well as topography, freeform, sizing and topometry design.

GSAM is a very effective tool that helps, within ANSYS Workbench environment, to design light and stiff structures and, in general, to improve different performances, respecting the manufacturing constraints.

The ANSYS Workbench Interface allows:

  • easy and fast creation of structural optimization workflow
  • efficacious post-processing
  • clean and clear solutions results
  • export optimized geometry in STL and IGES.

GSAM allows the integration of two powerful solvers; the first one is ANSYS for the FEM analysis and the other is GENESIS for the structural optimization. ANSYS adds to linear, modal, inertia, heat transfer, buckling analysis, the possibility to perform also non linear, thermal-static and transient calculations. GENESIS adds structural optimization thanks to robust optimizers (DOT, BIGDOT)  that speeds up the solving time, especially for large scale problem.



GENESIS Topology for ANSYS Mechanical

Prodotto da Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc.
Distribuzione EnginSoft
Contatti info@enginsoft.it
Descrizione GTAM (GENESIS® Topology for ANSYS Mechanical) is an integrated extension that adds topology optimization to the ANSYS environment. Designers benefit by automatically generating innovative designs in a reliable, robust, and easy-touse interface.
  • Support multiple loading conditions and different analysis systems including Static Structural, Modal, Linear Buckling, Harmonic and Random Vibrations
  • Several built-in responses for objectives and constraints such as strain energies, frequencies, mass, displacement, etc.
  • Several built-in manufacturing constraints for the designable region such as symmetries, casting, extrusion, etc.





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