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modeFRONTIER 4.3.0 is now available

We are pleased to inform you that the version 4.3.0 of modeFRONTIER has been released.

modeFRONTIER 4.3.0 includes significant new features and several enhancements of the existing components.

Schedulers and Optimizers

New Features and Improvements

modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. The new NSGA - II configuration panel
  • NSGA-II was entirely re-designed to support unordered discrete variables for mixed-integer problems. New schemes have been added:
    • Controlled Elitism to increase uniformity distribution of Pareto front.
    • Variable Population Size for higher accuracy of approximated Pareto front.
    • Steady State Evolution (MFGA): steady state evolution with an adaptive elitism procedure for an efficient parallelization scheme.
  • The External Schedulers Bridge lets the users integrate user-defined optimizers with modeFRONTIER to enhance flexibility and efficiency for specific optimization problems. A runtime library to exchange data between modeFRONTIER and third-party software tools (including MATLAB, Scilab and Octave) is provided, thus custom optimization algorithms can be coupled with modeFRONTIER.
  • Parallel RSM training using multi-thread technology in the FSIMPLEX and FMOGA-II algorithms.
  • Enhancements for the MOSA algorithm, which include:
    • Support of unordered discrete variables.
    • Steady-state evolution option.
  • Support of unordered discrete variables for the Evolution Strategy algorithm.

RSM algorithms


  • Evolutionary Design RSM can now perform parallel RSM training using multi-thread technology in order to exploit computational resources available.

The Design Space

New Features

modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. Design Space Template
  • New Correlation Matrix chart which is now provided with an interactive threshold filter for selective visualization of correlation matrix. In addition to the already existing Pearson coefficient, Spearman, Partial Correlation and Partial Ranking Correlation coefficients have been added to the list.

The RSM Multiple Function Plot for comparative display of multiple RSM functions created and interactive moving sliders to change input values and update the related RSM function.

The Design Space Template which allows Design Space visualization charts saving to a XML Template file for later reuse in different projects.

The Workflow

New Features

  • The Grid System powered by GridGain system which enables modeFRONTIER for grid computing. This system lets modeFRONTIER submit Workflow design evaluation jobs across a local network, wait for the execution and retrieve the results. The Grid System is available in beta version for the UGS-NX, LabVIEW, ANSYS Workbench and SimulationX nodes only.

The new ANSYS Workbench Direct Integration Node which includes the following features:

  • Support of ANSYS Workbench v12.1.
  • Handling of Input/Output Parameters defined in the Workbench Parameter Set.
  • Pre-processing macro functionalities available to detect geometry failure, check mesh quality or similar.
  • Post-processing macro functionalities available for advanced assessment of results.
  • Support GridGain system for distributed computing.

The METAPost Direct Integration Node to let METAPost users extract FEA responses for the optimization problem, by reading the following quantities:

  • Real Scalar History
  • Real Vector History (X,Y history curve)
  • Complex Vector History (Frequency, Magnitude and Phase)
  • The SimulationX Direct Integration Node for coupling with the SimulationX software used for design, analysis, and optimization of complex systems. The interface available enables parsing of inputs/outputs parameters to/from Components and Connections, including scalar (e.g. component/connection parameters), vector (e.g. output curves) and matrix (e.g. Component Tables) data. The SimulationX node supports the GridGain system for distributed computing.
  • The new JMAG Direct Integration Node which supports JMAG Designer and handles input scalar parameters for the Study available as well as scalar output parameters
  • The new Octave Direct Integration Node for coupling with the Octave software tool.
  • The SoC Node allows easy integration into the modeFRONTIER optimization workflow of any System-on-Chip simulator that follows the Multicube specifications. The integration node takes care of the design space introspection, automatic workflow generation and simulator interaction.
  • The LookUpTable (LUT) node which for a given set of inputs X=(X1,X2,...,Xn), and a reference sets of data (i.e. any table in the Design Space) finds the nearest point to X, by returning the array corresponding to the design of the dateset which best matches X. Consequently, combined use of the LUT node and SOM utility enables the users to use any SOM Table in the Workflow to find the BMU in order to classify sets of data for each iteration of the scheduler selected.
  • The Workflow Creation Wizard which allows the users to quickly and easily create basic Workflow patterns, including Input/Output variables, vectors, application nodes and file nodes.
  • The Workflow Creation and Edit from Excel which now supports import/export of variable settings for vector variables.
  • The Custom Workflow Library for selective view of the Workflow nodes library.
modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. The METAPost Interface


Major improvements of the existing features include:

  • Ambient conditions available as input and custom unit selection in the Flowmaster node.
  • New license check option before the evaluation run starts for the ANSA and GT-SUITE node.
  • PRT and ASM versioning control in the ProEngineer node.
  • Timeout option available in the application script nodes

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modeFRONTIER 4.3.0

Figure - External Schedulers Bridge



modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. New Correlation Matrix chart



modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. RSM Multiple Function Plot



modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. The Grid Manager interface



modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. The Workflow Creation Wizard



modeFRONTIER 4.3.0
Figure. The Custom Workflow Library


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