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ANSYS technology partner and a pioneer in Grid/HPC and 3D Cloud solutions.

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NICE is an ANSYS technology partner and a pioneer in Grid/HPC and 3D Cloud solutions. Building upon years of experience in remote visualization and HPC, we help our customers to leverage their ANSYS investment, empowering engineers, optimizing IT resource use, and increasing organizational productivity and collaboration.

NICE delivers Grid and Cloud Solutions for HPC and 3D applications, used by leading companies and institutions in a range of vertical markets including Automotive, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Energy, Manufacturing and Research.

NICE EnginFrame HPC Portal product provides a user-friendly, highly configurable Web based interface for batch applications, licenses and data.

NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), enables remote access to 2D/3D applications. When coupled with NICE EnginFrame Views, a multi-protocol Web-based session manager, it allows remote access via LAN or WAN to “Virtual Workstations” that leverage the best computational resources (GPU, memory, I/O throughput) available in the Public or Private Cloud.


NICE EnginFrame

EnginFrame is the most advanced, commercially supported Grid Portal in the industry, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research Grids.

EnginFrame enables efficient Inter-/Intranet access to Grid-enabled infrastructures. HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications can be accessed by any client using a standard browser.

The open and evolutionary framework of EnginFrame is based on Java, XML and Web Services, and facilitates deployment of user-friendly, application- and data-oriented portals.

Users and administrators can easily submit and control Grid-enabled applications, as well as monitor workload, data, licenses from within the same user dashboard, hiding the heterogeneity and complexity of the native interfaces.


NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV)

NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) is an advanced technology that enables Technical Computing users to remote access 2D/3D interactive applications over a standard network.

Engineers and scientists are immediately empowered by taking full advantage of high-end graphics cards, fast I/O performance and large memory nodes hosted in "Public or Private 3D Cloud", rather then waiting for the next upgrade of the workstations.

The DCV protocol adapts to heterogeneous networking infrastructures like LAN, WAN and VPN, to deal with bandwidth and latency constraints. All applications run natively on the remote machines, that could be virtualized and share the same physical GPU.

In a typical visualization scenario, a software application sends a stream of graphics commands to a graphics adapter through an input/output (I/O) interface. The graphics adapter renders the data into pixels and outputs them to the local display as a video signal.

When using NICE DCV, the scene geometry and graphics state are rendered on a central server, and pixels are sent to one or more remote displays.




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