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Particleworks is a CFD software based on an advanced numerical method known as the Moving Particle Semi-Implicit (MPS) method.

The mesh-free nature of MPS allows for robust simulation of free-surface flows at high resolutions, saving the time need to generate meshes for the fluid domain.

Particleworks provides direct file import from CAD software to reduce costs associated with mesh generation that is required for conventional CFD software.

Particleworks enables engineers to model and simulate large-scale problems related to free surface flows integrated with interactions such as fluid-rigid or fluid-powder, dealing with complex boundary geometries.

Key Features
  • Mesh-free CFD software based on particle method
  • Free surface flow, large deformations
  • Coupled simulation including fluid, powder and rigid body
  • Non-Newtonian flow
  • Surface tension models
  • Large Eddy Simulation
  • Heat transfer
  • Direct file import form CAD software
  • One single easy-to-use interface from CAD import to post-processing
  • Multi-core CPUs and GPUs
  • Particleworks shows competitive scalability from desktop PCs to large-scale servers
  • Working with 3rd party software


Key Benefits
  • High accuracy of free surface flow
  • Flexible definition of moving boundaries / bodies
  • Non-Newtonian and highly viscous fluids
  • Modularity of chemical reactions and mixing
  • Flexible fluid-powder integration
  • Mesh-free particle method
    Since the fluid is divided into a set of particles that are allowed to move freely, large deformation, coalescence and segmentation of fluid, and rapid change of flow are simulated without complicated preparation or meshing in advance. In particular the interaction of the free surface with moving boundaries/bodies can be easily set-up and simulated due to the fact that no mesh and no mesh deformation must be defined.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    The integrated, easy-to-use interface of Particleworks enhances productivity throughout modeling, simulation and post-processing. Visualization of the progressive result can be done even when the simulation is running.
  • Flexible fluid-powder / fluid-rigid body integration
    By coupling DEM (Discrete Element Method) and MPS, which will be applied to powder and fluid respectively, you can simulate the behavior of powder in fluid. Simulation of complex cases such as mixing, stirring and transportation phenomena including powder and fluid will be possible.
  • High-performance GPU computing
    With optional GPU computing module, simulations can be run on NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. This dramatically reduces computation time, allowing low-end desktop PCs to perform simulation as fast as supercomputers or HPC servers
  • Coupled simulation with Multi-Body Dynamics simulation software “RecurDyn”
    In addition to defining forced movement of solid bodies, more realistic fluid behavior is also realized by coupling Particleworks with RecurDyn, a multi-body dynamics solver.



Vortex in stirring tank

Image courtesy of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Oil flow in HV transaxale

Image courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation

Water flow in continuous casting rolls

Image courtesy of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Crankase sloshing

Image courtesy of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

High viscosity mixing

Swallowing analysis

Image courtesy of Meiji Corporation Ltd.

River flooding associated with a 3D map ©

Twin screw extrusion

Image courtesy of Japan Steel Works Ltd.


Drum-type washing machine analysis (in-house R&D)






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