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Enabling Innovative Product Development

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Descrizione VOLTA is a web-based, collaboration environment that orchestrates simulation data and multidisciplinary business processes enabling conscious decision-making and innovative product development.

VOLTA helps manage all cross-functional concurrent design steps by integrating multiple modeling formats. Its service-oriented architecture facilitates the execution, sharing and re-use of enterprise engineering knowledge.​



​Collaborate on Global Scale
Orchestrate design data across teams and run simulation and optimization projects among different departments and organizations in a secure environment that facilitate information sharing and visibility.

Capture and Share Knowhow
Achieve better, faster design solutions by aggregating product and process information into a single shared repository that draws on the skills and knowledge of engineer discipline experts.

​Gain Access Anytime, Anywhere
​Connect to VOLTA from any location, anytime, from computers and mobile devices and benefit from the secure access to processes, data and results.


Simulation Data Management

Take control of product design iterations. VOLTA ensures full traceability by managing key digital files that come from different sources. 

Track, organize and get access to up-to-date analysis models and results, simulation data and automation workflows from a web browser. Metadata are extracted from files used to quickly search and identify the information needed to enable a live interaction on the work in progress and make every design iteration truly collaborative. Tracking changes and capturing engineering knowledge becomes easy and leads to effective enterprise IP protection.



  • Full design data traceability, integrated with PLM repositories
  • Collaborative design iterations
  • Live interaction on the simulation work in progress
  • Capturing and protecting enterprise IP

Optimization-Driven Design

Let the most powerful algorithms efficiently drive product development. The automated, intelligent design space exploration leverages data generated by simulation design cycles stored in VOLTA to help teams embrace multiple requirements, balance opposing objectives and achieve enhanced product performance earlier.

VOLTA provides a tailored environment for digital model generation and detailed analysis that supports organization in the adoption of a formal optimization-driven design approach. By mapping the set of possible solutions and enabling interactive, multi-user trade-off analysis, VOLTA expands the benefits of simulation ensuring its impact from the early stage of design, down to validation and failure prediction.



  • Automated Design Space Exploration and mapping
  • Leading Collaborative Optimization technology
  • Multidisciplinary workflow and business process orchestration

Distributed Execution

Take the burden of computational resources out of the picture. Fully exploit multi-core workstations, HPC clusters and public clouds, while ensuring respect of security standards.

VOLTA manages distributed execution engines running on a grid of computers, giving users the illusion of a single and reliable machine. R&D departments make the best out of their software investments by ensuring efficiency of simulation performance. With straightforward administration and monitoring facilities, IT departments easily manage different OS and resource environments and deliver high computational power in the hands of design teams.



  • Secure and quick access to distributed resources
  • Execution in different OS environments, for efficient execution of MDO workflows
  • Distribution of data and parallel processing on multiple nodes/cores

Engineering Data Intelligence

Use relevant design performance metrics for informed decision making. Leverage aggregate product data and engineering information. VOLTA keeps teams on track by allowing them to concurrently compare, validate and decide on design solutions.

The automated intelligence of design exploration and optimization technologies produces large amounts of data. VOLTA offers a set of analytic tools that supports complex decision making processes by collecting relevant structured data. Engineering departments achieve a comprehensive understanding of the design, identifying relevant data trends and obtaining a live feedback on designs to anticipate and take better decisions.



  • Focus on relevant design performance metrics
  • Collaborative and informed Decision Making
  • Accelerated, in-depth understanding of design



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