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28th February 2017

Accelerate Gear Box Development and Reduce Lab Costs with Particleworks

Date: 28th February 2017

Hour/Duration: from 15:00 to 16:00
Attendees can ask questions to the speakers at the conclusion of the 20 minutes on-line session.

Speaker: Susanne Glifberg, Ragnar Skoglund, Massimo Galbiati

Language: English

The webinar will present how Moving Particle Simulation can reduce the number of prototypes and cut development time and cost of your lubrication system, by becoming part of the product development process.
Moving Particle Simulation is a mesh-less CFD methodology that allows easy simulation of gear boxes, axles, differential gears, planetary drives, engines, etc.


  • Introduction | Susanne Glifberg, EnginSoft Nordic
  • Moving Particle Simulation (MPS): how to use it | R. Skoglund, EnginSoft Nordic
  • Benefits to product development: an industrial example | M. Galbiati, EnginSoft
  • Open Discussion

In the first part of the webinar the Moving Particle Simulation will be introduced by explaining how it can be integrated into the product development process. The procedure from the CAD geometry to the results of the virtual test will be presented by using real industrial cases.
The easy-to-use simulation technique makes it viable also when the development time is short. Alternative design solutions can be tested virtually and lubrication efficiency can be foreseen before building any real prototype. The benefit in terms of knowledge of oil splashing phenomena will allow speeding up the engineering and laboratory activities and will give a fast return of the investment.

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