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22nd February 2017

Achieve Multi-Flexible-Body-Simulation using RecurDyn


Date: 22nd February 2017

Hour/Duration: from 11:00 to 11:20
Attendees can ask questions to the speaker at the conclusion of the 20 minutes on-line session.

Speaker: Riccardo Zoccarato

Language: English

While simulating rigid body dynamics has become a relatively easy task, flexibilities in the simulation of moving mechanisms still require specific expertise. Neglecting to represent this accurately or simplifying the simulation can cause time consuming trial and error approaches, and increasing risk of expensive prototype costs.
The graphical user interface of RecurDyn provides clear and detailed information about the properties that need to be defined for a correct flexible analysis and allows the flexible model to be set up without the need of an external FE software.
RecurDyn remains as the only multi-body simulation tool that offers two alternative approaches for flexible body definitions:

  • the Reduced Flex technology, to achieve efficient simulations
  • the proprietary Full Flex technology, to accurately simulate continuous contact on flexible bodies, including local/large deformations.

The webinar will showcase the application of both methods on the same model, using the latest release of the software: RecurDyn V8R5. Discover how the enhanced release allows engineers at different user-levels to easily build the system model and switch between Rigid/Full Flex/Reduced Flex.

Topic areas:

  • Brief introduction to RecurDyn
  • Modelling flexible bodies
  • Multi-flexible body simulation
    • Reduced Flex approach (also known as Component Mode Synthesis or Craig-Bampton method)
    • Full Flex approach
  • Q&A and close

Who should attend?

  • Mechanical/Design Engineers
  • Engineering Manager

Please fill out the form to register for the webinar by 21st February 2017.



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