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3th July 2018

Strain Gauge & True Load Webinar

Date: 3th July 2018

Hour/Duration: from 16:00 to 16:20
Attendees can ask questions to the speakers at the conclusion of the 20 minutes on-line session.

Speaker: Tim Hunter and Danilo Col

Language: English

Description: Strain gauges have been around for almost 80 years and continue to be key assets for measuring fatigue and testing materials for productivity and safety reasons. How can I select the right strain gauge and install it correctly?
Strain gauges are used to determine or verify component or structural strains.  Strain gauges can be used to calculate structural loading when coupled with the material properties of the component.  Once the structural loading is understood, these loads can be used to drive simulation models to design and optimize the structure.
The webinar covers the Strain Gauge Fundamentals and the use of the first to market True-Load software to guide strain gauge placement and reconstruct the operating loads on a structure.  These techniques are critical for implementing a modern approach for simulation driven design"

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